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About Boston Police Athletic League

Incorporated in 1985, Boston PAL was founded by Gerald Ridge, and was organized by members of the Boston Police Department and other concerned citizens as a community crime prevention resource and was the first police athletic league in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Police Athletic League currently is one of the largest independent youth serving agencies in the City of Boston.


A Stronger Boston

The Police Athletic League is a strong, local organization with the resources and credibility to bring focus and attention to youth development and to connect young people in low-income neighborhoods with responsible adults in school and during their out-of-school time. The overall goal of PAL’s programming is to involve youth in meaningful activities that will counter some of the negative forces in their lives and give them greater opportunities for future success. PAL strengthens the relationship between police officers and youth in Boston’s neighborhoods by providing opportunities for them to participate together in recreational, cultural, social, and educational activities.

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Mission Statment

PAL fosters a culture of trust and respect between the community and the Boston Police Department through programs that promote character development, improve educational outcomes, and reduce crime.

We offer three types of programs:

Meet Boston PAL

The Boston PAL Board of Directors is made up of volunteers who give their time and energy to provide a better future for Boston’s at-risk youth.

Mayor of Boston

Martin J. Walsh


William B. Evans

PAL Board INT Chair

Charles E. Batchelder

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