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School Police Unit P.A.L. to PALS Schedule

June 7, 2016

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P.A.L. to PALS is a monthly visit by Boston Police Department personnel to local Boys and Girls Clubs in Boston. The monthly visits will be two dimensional: one part learning and interactive, the other part physical exercise.

Each month, a different unit from the Boston Police Department will visit a different Boys and Girls Club site. The unit will speak on a topic related to their unit of assignment (Drug Unit — drugs, Gang Unit — gangs, etc.).

Each visit will be scheduled for 90 minutes: Part lecture/dialogue and the other part physical (Officers playing basketball or other sport with the kids).


Wednesday, July 8
2:00 — 3:30 pm

Yawkey Boys & Girls Club
115 Warren Street,
Roxbury- BPD 13-2
Main Number of Club: 617-427-6050

Point of Contact:
Peter Rosemond- 617-516-5409 or
Executive Director: Andrea Swain- 617-516-5410 or

Wednesday, August 12
6 pm — 7:30 pm

Mattapan Teen Center
10 Hazelton Street
Mattapan- BPD B-3
Main Number of Club: 617-533-9050

Point of Contact and Director:
Ron Carroll- 617-533-9051 or

Wednesday, September 16th
6 — 7:30 pm

South Boston Boys & Girls Club
230 W. Sixth Street
Main Club Number: 617-268-4301

Point of Contact:
Mike Mogan: 617-268-4301 or
Bethany Riley: 617-268-4301 or
Executive Director: Harry Duvall: 617-516-5441 or

Wednesday, October 14
6 — 7:30 pm

Charlestown Boys & Girls Club
15 Green Street
Charlestown- BPD A-1/A-15
Main Number of Club: 617-242-1775

Point of Contact:
Derek Gallagher- 617-516-5507 or
Executive Director: Pete Nash- 617-516-5502 or

Wednesday, November 18th
6 — 7:30 pm

Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club
15 Talbot Ave.
Dorchester- BPD B-3
Main Number of Club: 617-474-1050

Point of Contact:
Kelly Pielech- 617-506-5405 or
Executive Director: Carl Thompson- 617-506-5426 or

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