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Seaport District Becomes Grand Prix Racetrack to Benefit Boston Youth

September 4, 2013

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Grand Prix “Carnival” Welcomes Spectators to Cheer on Drivers & Enjoy Games, Food & Drink

Boston Police Athletic League (PAL) brings European-style kart racing to the streets of Boston with the 5th Annual Boston PAL Grand Prix. A four-hour team endurance race to benefit youth development, participants will feel the power of race engineered, 9 horsepower karts that are capable of speeds in excess of 45 MPH. Race car drivers say that controlling a the open seat, no suspension and just 1” off the ground karts feels just like driving a Formula 1 car.

For spectators, the Grand Prix “Carnival” offers a fun afternoon of activities for all ages, including:

  • A Beer & Wine Garden: Featuring Narragansett Beer & Richer Pour Wine
  • Food Sampling: Shake Shack, The Sausage Guy, Anna’s Taqueria, Tavern Road Street Food, Towne stove + spirits, UNREAL Candy and more
  • Mug Shot: Pose for pics with the boys in blue with POSE
  • Family Activities: Including a moon walk, face painting, and balloon animals

Whether you sign up in advance to race or just come out that day and watch, the PAL Grand Prix is guaranteed to show you a side of Boston’s streets you’ve never seen before!

COST: Carts: Kart Team Sponsorship (6 drivers): $10,000.00; Individual Sponsorship: $1,750.00; Carnival: Tickets available at the gate for all activities

WHEN: Saturday September 21, 2013, 12 – 4 PM

WHERE: Seaport Boulevard between Northern Avenue & Boston Wharf Road

TO REGISTER: To race, call 617-699-7099; For Carnival, just show up!

SPONSORS: Narragansett Beer, Richer Pour Wine Company, Rentals Unlimited, POSE Designed Photo Experiences, Towne stove + spirits, Tavern Road Street Food, Shake Shack, Anna’s Taqueria, Paint Nite, The Sausage Guy, UNREAL Candy, Seaport Hotel 

PAL is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the positive development of the youth of Boston. Through PAL, police officers and young people participate in athletic, social and education activities to learn more about each other and their communities. PAL’s youth programs help young people develop self-esteem, leadership skills and a sense of belonging, as well as improve school performance, resolve conflicts and occupy their out-of-school-time productively. To learn more visit




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